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Why I Knit

I just turned the lights off and am snuggled in bed after knitting on my daughters stocking for about 45 minutes. Today was one of those totally unglamorous family days. No one wanted to do chores, everyone took for flipping ever to do their school work (we hybrid-homeschool), I feel like I did nothing but nag everyone, and the icing on top was a pretty decent tiff with my husband. Yuck! After sorting all that out (which did involve a Starbucks run/mini-date to try the new juniper latte) and getting to bed, I needed to knit. As I finished the short row section of the heel, and my hands felt the familiar shape of the needles, my tension melted. My brain became totally absorbed. I thought about kids, and life, a little…. But mostly I just knit, and let the thoughts come and go as they pleased. Then the heel was done and I started the foot, and more ideas for Maria Knits came and went, and then I started the next stripe, and then I thought about the rest of the stockings I was going to make, and the tree skirt I was planning to knit, and then it was time for the next stripe, and then…. I realized just how calm I was. I considered doing one of my crazy late work nights with my calm and centered brain, but then instead decided to melt into the bed and just be done with today…. Except of course, to jot down these thoughts here. When people say knitting is the new yoga, this is what they mean. It sounds catchy even trite to talk about how relaxing knitting is… but IT IS! It’s meditation infused with hope. The repetition puts your mind into a quieter state, and the nature of what you’re working on puts a creative forward momentum to that calm that gives you a gentle excitement for the future. I can’t believe how good that felt tonight, and just how badly I needed it. You really can’t beat a good knitting high.

I truly believe the ability to control your state of mind like this is a major life skill that knitting is particularly helpful with.

Would you like to learn? I designed a comprehensive learn to knit course over here! It will get you knitting beautiful things that put you in this calm, creative state in no time!

Email me!

Happy Knitting!

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