Choose a Class

Everyone's life is different, and everyone fits knitting into their life slighly differently than the next person. My class offerings are designed to work with YOUR life. Below you'll find descriptions of each of the options. Pick one and go with it!

Online Class

I have assembled all the core material I teach in my classes into one comprehensive program that can be watched on-demand. 

The primary benefit of this method of learning is that it works with your schedule and doesn't require any coordinating of calendars. I also offer this class FREE to all students in my local classes. 

Host a Class

I can come teach you in the comfort of your own home surrounded by some of your favorite people. I love this method of teaching because it allows people to connect over knitting in a unique and special way. 

Find a Class

There is no replacement for learning from an in-person instructor. If this is your preferred learning method but you don't want to deal with the  hassle of hosting, I'll help you find a class that is currently scheduled and being hosted by myself or someone else.