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New Patterns, Tutorials, and Videos!

I'm in the middle of creating lots of brand new content! I'll be releasing project videos, technique tutorials, and straightforward knitting patterns every two to three weeks. MY goal is to give you every resource you need to meet YOUR knitting goals, no matter what they are! Please sign up for my email list to get announcements about new content and exclusive promotional discounts. 


I believe humans are uniquely driven to create. Through knitting, we not only create the final product or garment, but also the fabric holding it together: we create the substance, as well as the form.

Incredible satisfaction comes from knowing you took a simple ball of yarn and shaped it into something you can wear. I haven’t found this type of fulfillment in any other craft.



Each phase of a knitting project brings peace, joy, pride, or happiness. The rhythm of the needles and stitches calms and relieves the tension of life.

Fixing a stitch or adjusting the fit to my exact specifications provides a sense of skill and ability rarely offered in my everyday tasks.

The finished sweater, hat, or other item is not only soft, warm, and comforting, but also practical. It meets our basic human need to be clothed, while being thoughtful and beautiful.

And few things can replace the pride that comes from creating a garment that I actually wear. Receiving compliments from friends and family is a pleasant side effect of the process.


Finishing a garment empowers the knitter to become so many other things. No matter what sort of negativity I encounter in my life, I can always point to the things I’ve made and say “I did that, and you can’t take that away from me.”

That confidence in my own ability to create enables me to grow as a person, to be a better mom, to take on bigger projects, and aspire to change my little corner of the stitch at a time.


I believe YOU should knit something in order to experience this empowerment. But I also don't believe you just want to do some quick how-to-knit project, and then forget what you learned in a few months. I think that you have an image in your mind of the kind of knitter you want to be. Maybe it's the aunt or uncle who knits mittens every year for your nieces and nephews? Or the roommate who always has a fresh new dish or face cloth? Or the Work-From-Anywhere entrepreneur who makes the coffee shop rounds in a lovely hand knit sweater? Or maybe you just want to learn how to make scarves and hats so you can keep your hands busy during your next Netflix binge?

 Whatever they are, I want to hear about YOUR knitting goals! Christmas stockings? Baby blankets? Your very own hand knit sweater?  What do YOU want to knit?  I can help you begin your own knitting journey!